The Leaders Factor Mentorship Program is your access to daily calls, exclusive content and discount course pricing in your choice of three different communities. 

By joining the Leaders Factor Mentorship program you will have personal access to your choice of Leadership, Agile Coaching or the Scrum Master Communities. These communities will equip you to develop your coaching, facilitation and leadership skills to a much higher level, increasing your effectiveness and influence. You will not only have access to weekly mentorship calls.  You will also be part of a dynamic growing peer community, receive exclusive content and access to discounted online courses.

Mentorship Has Privileges!

As a member of the Mentorship Program you will have access to the following:
  • Access to the community of your choice
  • Weekly Mentorship Calls specific to your community
  • Private Facebook Group to exchange experience, learn and grow as a community.
  • Archive Calls – Never miss a call. Recordings are always available.
  • Monthly Call Calendar
  • Guest Speakers
  • Exclusive Content available only to the community
  • Discounted community pricing for online courses
  • Resources and exclusive content to propel you forward – Audio, videos, links, tools, etc.

Leadership Develops Daily, Not In A Day

During your weekly mentorship calls your mentor will lead you to and through an entirely different level of understanding. You will learn how to positively influence the people you lead to not only exceed their existing performance levels, but also beyond what they thought they were capable of.

Regardless of whether your title is manager, leader, agile coach or scrum master you are in the business of growing, developing and improving people. Those people rely on you to lead, challenge, mentor and coach them. In these calls, you will discover why this matters today, more than ever.

Join the community of your choice and learn from the experience of your peers. 

Select the community that best fits your professional and personal growth plan. You will then have access to the weekly call calendar providing the access number(s), exclusive content and discounted courses as long as your monthly subscription is up to date.

I am blessed to have experienced tremendous guidance from various mentors throughout my life.
Would you like to meet my Mentors? 

My Mentors

Able to say what needs to be said…

Thomas knows agile and scrum inside and out. He has a great bedside manner with people to help bring them along through a very difficult, but ultimately rewarding journey. One of his best qualities is the ability to simply say … ...more "Able to say what needs to be said…"
Jamie Mades
Cigna Health
Agile Coach, SPC, CSM, PMP

Positive Outlook

It is refreshing to work with people who are always willing collaborate and who have a positive outlook on challenges. I had the pleasure of working with Thomas during an agile transformation at Cigna. Thomas is always approachable and willing … ...more "Positive Outlook"
Jorge Montoya
Cigna Health
Transformational Leader

Excellent Agile Mindset

I appreciated the Agile mindset and team focused language that Thomas brought to the table. He has a wealth of practical experience which he focused quite effectively to his Agile coaching
Jeffery Pray
Agile Coach, SPC, PMP

Fantastic Coaching

Over the past several months I’ve been fortunate to work with The Leaders Factor, and have benefited greatly from his insights. Thomas is a fantastic coach and has deep knowledge and passion for leadership ability and the Agile mindset and … ...more "Fantastic Coaching"
Samir Ashar
Fidelity Investments
Director IT Product Mangement

Powerful Presentation

Powerful presentation on elevating one’s leadership ability. Kudos to Thomas Bookhamer for covering leadership truths in a short timeframe. Kudos as well to The Eliassen Group for putting together a successful meet-up. Looking forward to future events!
Via Conlon
BNSF Railway
IT Project Manager

Excellent Leadership Coach!

Over the past several years I’ve been fortunate to work with Thomas, and have benefited greatly from his insights. Thomas is a fantastic coach and has deep knowledge and passion for aligning Leadership Ability and Process Frameworks.
Michael Moore
ORB New Media

Awesome Mentor!

I worked with Thomas on a complex SAFe Adoption. We were two of about 15 coaches. Thomas stood out amongst the other coaches as a strong leader and change agent.
Anthony Crain
Delivery Manager - Agile Transformation
"When you depend on process / policy to manage or grow your organization you achieve the potential of the process"
"Raising your leadership ability will provide you both greater influence and increased effectiveness"
"When you depend on leadership ability to grow or lead your organization you achieve the potential of the people"