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The Agile Leadership Tipping Point is very real and understanding it will influence your professional future!

Process Ability... Leadership Ability... OR BOTH?

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AWARENESS - There is a new awareness in the air that is becoming harder and harder to ignore. I'm talking about understanding how to successfully navigate the leadership challenges of today's agile organization supporting innovation and digital disruption. Why are so many agile transformations failing time after time to reach the promise of agility? Why does it seem so hard to align the Business with IT? Leaders that resist this new awareness are being left behind. Autocratic leadership methods are outdated and ineffective in todays culture of innovation and the lean agile mindset. 


You are going to be hearing a lot about this topic in this upcoming year. It is time to equip your leaders to understand the cultural shift needed to achieve organizational agility. Participating in this exercise will put you ahead of the curve and that's where you want to be... Be proactive and intentional about this - It clearly affects your professional future!

COACHING / MENTORSHIP - We are offering to share our powerfully unique combination of 20+ years of agile coaching and certified John Maxwell Leadership Coaching, Teaching, and Speaking. There are reasons organizations continue to repeat the same unwanted results over and over again. We have the case studies and experience to move you and your organization beyond this tipping point. Far too many leaders don’t reach their full potential because they allow their position to define their leadership style. There is much more to leadership than position. 


It starts with awareness. It starts with this FREE Leadership Awareness Course! Expand your awareness. Consider new options! Allow us to stretch your thinking.This Leadership Awareness Course is online, self paced, and is risk-free. Opt-in TODAY!


Thomas Bookhamer

The founder of the Leaders Factor, the Agile Leadership Coaching Group (Linkedin), Leaders Factor Mentorship Program, Agile Leadership Awareness Course and Scorecard (


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Agile Transformation

Has your Agile Transformation reached a tipping point?
​Process Ability or Leadership Ability? Or Both! 

If process is not enough... What else do we need to do?

Leaders Journey

You will have a clearly defined path to successfully navigate the leadership challenges of today's agile organization supporting innovation and digital disruption.



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