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We are dedicated to helping you reach your full potential with increased effectiveness and greater influence by raising your leadership ability. To achieve this life changing result, we partner with our clients to provide internationally recognized professional coaching in three powerful ways: Mentorship Program, Online Courses, and Affiliate Program.

The Leaders Factor is proud to be part of The John Maxwell Team – an exclusive training organization developing elite coaches, teachers, speakers and professionals, who use their leadership training, talents and skills to add value to people all over the world. Inc. Magazine voted John Maxwell as the #1 leadership and management expert in the world! Globally, we are a community of over 20,000 team members strong reaching 160 countries. All Leaders Factor coaches are John Maxwell Certified, Coach, Speakers, and Teachers at the Executive Director Level. As such they are experienced, licensed, and trained, to deliver and support world class, proven, John Maxwell leadership content to you and your organization.

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I will send you some fun, animated , short videos from various agile and leadership topics I have taught over the years.

  • What is your Leaders Factor?

    Process Ability or Leadership Ability? Or... Both! - What is your Leaders Factor?

  • Is process ability enough?
    If process is not enough... What else do we need to do?

  • Is your organization reaching it's full potential?

    Learn why you will not reach your potential with process alone.

The Leaders Factor Mentorship Program is your access to weekly coaching calls, exclusive content, discount course pricing in your choice of three different communities – Agile, Coaching, and Leadership.

Online courses are available to develop your skills to a much higher level in three focused areas – agility, professional coaching skills, and leadership. Each course is specifically designed to increase awareness.

This program is intended to support your success, allowing you to monetize your leadership, coaching, recruiting, training, speaking and teaching abilities. Add value to your clients while receiving commissions.

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