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Evolving from Authority to Influence

The evolution from an autocratic management culture of authority to a leadership culture of innovation and influence. 

Leaders Journey Coaching Program

There are reasons agile transformations continue to repeat the same limited results over and over again. This pattern of repeated results became unacceptable for me. If you are an agile leader, coach, or scrum master, the same may be true for you.


 I've spent years iterating allowing this journey to evolve. This proven path is called the Leaders Journey.


Are you an agile leader, coach, or scrum master? Are you engaged in an agile transformation? Are you wondering why your transformation may not be achieving its full potential?


Leaders Journey Coaching Program

  • LJCP/LEAD: Leaders Executive Agile Debrief

Certification Levels - Get Certified!

  • LJCC - Leaders Journey Certified Coach
  • LJCC/C - Leaders Journey Coaching Community
  • LJCC/CT - Certified Trainer

Leaders Executive Agile Debrief

L E A D 

Join Thomas LIVE!


Discovering the reasons agile transformations continue to repeat the same limited results over and over again 

  • GROUP DISCOVERY SESSION: Personally select a small group of four more leaders, managers, directors, managers, coaches, or scrum masters to join you. We will stop for group discussion after each reason.
  • Together we will discover the keys that will enable your transformation to reach its full potential - ORGANIZATIONAL AGILITY!

Whether you are you part of an existing transformation or considering a new transformation... this is a debrief conversation you MUST have!


Leaders Journey Certified Coach

Become a Leaders Journey Certified Coach and be equipped and supported to evolve your client organization from an autocratic management culture of authority to a leadership culture of influence and innovation!

  • Are you ready to have the coaching skills and leadership ability needed to achieve cultural influence in the middle and upper tier of your organization? 

You are in the right place...

You are the future of Transformational Coaching!


The reasons your transformation is repeating limiting results are the same reasons to start your Leaders Journey!

Leaders Journey Certified Coach is the beginning... NOT the GOAL!

The Leaders Journey Coaching Certification will equip you to coach your organization from authority to influence. Completing your Leaders Journey Certification Training is just the beginning! The certification is not the goal! You will then need to grow in your competency to coach your clients through their leaders journey. 


As a LJCC, you quality to join the Leaders Journey Coaching Community (LJCC/C) where your competence journey begins. The LJCC/C is a learning community of shared experiences where you will find fellow LJCC Coaches ready to speak into your life by stretching your thinking, providing new awareness through shared experiences. - see LJCC/C below!


Next is finding a client ready to start their Leaders Journey! We got you covered - see LJCC/PV below!


I have based this journey on what I have learned through my twenty years of experience coaching organizational transformations iterating with clients on the cultural mindset shift to evolve from an autocratic management culture of authority to a leadership culture of influence and innovation.

Raising Your Leadership Ability!

Intentional action starts with you! 


I have some free resources for you!

Authority to Influence

Professional Coaching

Directing to Connecting

Select the best FREE resource!

MORE...Coaching Community

Leaders Journey

Coaching Community


The Leaders Journey Coaching Community (LJCC/C), is based on twenty-plus years of real life collaborative coaching experience providing organizational transformation from a low-trust culture to a high-trust culture; a cultural mindset shift of valuing people over process and how our leadership ability determines our effectiveness.

The Leaders Journey Coaching Community is a learning community of shared experiences.


As a Leaders Journey Certified Coach you will have the exclusive opportunity to access a community of fellow Certified Coaches to stretch your thinking, provide you new levels of experience and awareness! We all need coaches! 

Here are the key learning centers:


Agile Center - Real-life Coaching & Agile Experiences...

  • Agile Bootcamp - 5 Course Series
  • Agile Training & Equipping
  • Facilitation Techniques & Resources
  • Shared Experiences

The Agile Bootcamp is a core five-course series specifically designed to accelerate your ability to mentor your teams, leaders, or organization. Bootcamp was designed from years of hands-on coaching experience and has been taught to hundreds of teams and leaders. It is proven, in demand, and packed full of practical application.


Community Center - Connecting...

  • Weekly Coaching Calls (Teaching & Q&A)
  • Call Archive
  • Fellow LJCC Coaches
  • Guest Speakers

Weekly coaching calls, call archive so you will never miss a call, live-event training, and a private LinkedIn group; providing a connection to colleagues and mentors every day who have like-minded experience and proven results. It is about professionals sharing their experiences and new awareness within the community.


Coaching Center - Coaching Skills evolving from...

  • Scrum Master to Coach
  • Directing to Connecting
  • Authority to Influence
  • Process to People
  • Adding Value to Others

Actionable training content based on real-life coaching experiences focusing on leadership, coaching, and Agile. Dedicated to raising your coaching skills. Influencing the middle and top organizational tiers! Raising your leadership and coaching ability, agile awareness, practices, and facilitation skills.


JM Academy - Equipping
As a John Maxwell Team Executive Director, certified leadership coach, speaker, and trainer, the Leaders Factor, LLC has licensed John C. Maxwell's world-class leadership content. The LJCC is licensed to pass BIG savings along exclusively to our community members. New licensed content is available regularly.

MORE...Preferred Vendor


As a Leaders Journey Certified Coach active in the Coaching Community (LJCC/C) you will have a "PREFERRED COACH STATUSwith our authorized "Preferred Vendors". A LJCC/PV will place you specifically with clients who are ready to evolve their culture! Imagine working as a coach equipped to evolve your client culture from an autocratic culture of authority to a leadership culture of influence and innovation! You will have the coaching skills to influence the middle tier. You will have the leadership skills to influence the top tier. You will be equipped to evolve your client to ORGANIZATIONAL AGILITY!

It is time to equip yourself and your fellow leaders to understand the cultural shift needed to evolve beyond authority driven autocratic management to a CULTURE OF  INNOVATION!

The Leaders Factor is proud to be part of The John Maxwell Team – a premier training organization developing elite coaches, teachers, speakers, and professionals, who use their leadership training, talents, and skills to add value to people all over the world. Inc. Magazine voted John Maxwell as the #1 leadership and management expert in the world! 

I have the experience to move you and your organization beyond this tipping point. Far too many leaders don’t reach their full potential because they allow their position to define their leadership style; there is much more to leadership than position. 


Based on case studies and experience across different industries, this tipping point is not limited to agile transformations. There seems to be a commonality among organizations around the globe, exhibiting these same limiting results.


Thomas Bookhamer

Founder of the Leaders Factor, Leaders Journey Coaching Community, and the 4 Values of the Leaders Journey.


P.S. Are you trying to reach your potential alone? Reach out to me anytime!

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