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Working together to navigate and overcome the organizational leadership cultural challenges encountered in todays professional environment of innovation, agility,

knowledge work, technology, and digital disruption. 

Be proactive and intentional about this...

Participating in the Leaders Journey Mentorship Program will put you ahead of the
curve and that's where you want to be. It impacts your professional future!

What's Your Leaders Factor?

When you depend on process and policy to grow your organization, you will reach the potential of the process.

When you depend on leadership to grow your organization, you will reach the potential of the PEOPLE!

Leaders Journey Mentorship Program

Pillar #1 - Leaders Awareness

Pillar #2 - Mentorship Community

Pillar #3 - Training Center

TEAM Development & Optimization

Welcome fellow professional coaches, leaders, and agilists.


WHAT I DO -  I help executives, directors, managers, and coaches to navigate and overcome the organizational leadership cultural challenges encountered in today's professional environment of innovation, agility, knowledge work, technology, and digital disruption. By providing a unique combination of 20+ years of industry-leading lean-agility coaching and mentoring experience, leveraging John Maxwell certified leadership and coaching principles, values, and practices, along with a proven way forward, my clients can 10X the organization’s effectiveness. Thereby realizing the benefits of improved market response, quality, communication, productivity, team development, and thriving in an age of Digital Disruption.


Be proactive and intentional about this - It impacts your professional future!


AWARENESS / MENTORSHIP / TEAM Development & Optimization - Through a coaching relationship in a mentorship learning community, the Leaders Journey Mentorship Program is dedicated to equipping professional coaches and leaders with a path of working together to move from directing to connecting (managing to leading), to a level of organizational health that rises above expectations to high performance and innovation. Many years have been spent developing "The Leaders Journey," a path to increased effectiveness and greater influence through the Four Values of the Leaders Journey and the Three Pillars of Awareness, Mentorship, and Team.

  • Do you have a proven path to achieve a level of organizational and team health that rises above expectations to high performance and innovation?
  • Have you considered the balance of individual communication styles and personal behavioral traits that are keys to communication, performance, and team health?
  • Are you part of an agile transformation that is not evolving the culture? Do you know the path forward?
  • Are you a coach trying to help managers move from managing to leading, or said another way, from directing to connecting?
  • Are you trying to move your organization from autocratic management to innovative leadership?
  • Are you trying to reach your potential alone?
  • Are you a manager or leader thinking your role may become obsolete, once the organization adopts an agile culture?
  • Do you have a community of peers and mentors to share experience, encourage, and support you?
  • Are you a manager or leader with a desire to add value to others and don't know how?
  • Can you answer this question: Why are so many agile transformations failing time after time to reach the promise of agility?
  • How about this question: Why does it seem so hard to align the Business with IT?

While it is clearly time to equip your leaders to understand the cultural shift needed to overcome the organizational leadership cultural challenges encountered in today's professional environment, you will NOT be successful ALONE. 


What would it be worth to you to be part of a learning community of like-minded colleagues sharing ideas, experience, innovation, learning, and successes? Participating in the Leaders Journey Mentorship Program will put you ahead of the curve, and that's where you want to be. Be proactive and intentional about this - It impacts your professional future!

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There are reasons organizations continue to repeat the same unwanted results over and over again. I have the case studies and experience to move you and your organization beyond this tipping point. Far too many leaders don’t reach their full potential because they allow their position to define their leadership style; there is much more to leadership than position. This pattern of repeated results became discouraging and unacceptable for me and the same may be true for you. As a result, I became very intentional in my efforts to provide a way for an organization to move forward beyond this tipping point. Based on many case studies and experience across different industries, this tipping point is not limited to agile transformations. There seems to be a commonality among organizations around the globe, exhibiting these same limiting results.


Thomas Bookhamer

Founder of the Leaders Factor, the Agile Leaders Group (Linkedin), Leaders Journey Mentorship Program, 4 Values of the Leaders Journey, and the Leaders Awareness Course and Scorecard.


P.S. Are you trying to reach your potential alone? Reach out to me anytime!

Agile Transformation

Has your Agile Transformation reached a tipping point?
​Process Ability or Leadership Ability? Both! 

If process is not enough... What else do we need to do?

Leaders Journey

You will have a clearly defined path to successfully navigate the leadership challenges of today's agile organization supporting innovation and digital disruption.



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