What's Your Leaders Factor?

Evolving from Authority to Influence

The evolution from an autocratic management culture of authority to a leadership culture of innovation and influence.

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Evolve from Authority to Influence

What's Your Leaders Factor?

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Join us in the evolution of today's autocratic work culture. 

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Autocratic management methods are outdated and ineffective in today’s work culture of innovation and influence.

Start with Self-Awareness!

The Leaders Factor has developed a unique experienced based coaching approach to this evolution and we call it the Leaders Journey. Your Leaders Journey starts by helping you develop your self-awareness. Using the results of the Communication Awareness Assessment, the Behavioral Patterns Masterclass, and the Coaching Community, you will discover blind spots in your leadership, develop communication skills, as well as your natural strengths. The 4 Values of the Leaders Journey is designed to intentionally evolve your leadership ability from authority to influence.

It is time to equip yourself and your fellow leaders to understand the cultural shift needed to evolve beyond authority driven autocratic management to a CULTURE OF  INNOVATION!

Leaders Journey

Coaching Community

It's time to evolve from an autocratic management culture of authority to a culture of influence and innovation. START TODAY!

Learning Community of Shared Experience

Welcome fellow professional coaches, leaders, and agilest.


What I do - I partner with executives, directors, managers, and coaches to navigate and overcome the organizational leadership and cultural challenges encountered in today's professional environment.

Across the globe, organizations are challenged to evolve from an autocratic authority driven culture to a level of organizational health that rises above expectations to high performance and innovation.

Sharing a unique combination of experience with 20+ years of lean-agility coaching, and John Maxwell certified leadership coaching experience and training. Lead your team(s) to a level of team health and performance that rises above expectations.

Awareness - Autocratic leadership methods are outdated and ineffective in today's culture of innovation and the lean-agile mindset. Leaders and organizations that resist this awareness are being left behind.


We are all part of a team. Whether you're leading a scrum team or an executive team, high performing teams are intentionally crafted. When it comes to developing a high performing team, member selection and skill alignment are just the beginning. The balance of individual communication styles and personal behavioral traits holds the keys to communication, performance, and team health. Great teams have taken the time and care, to learn how to communicate with one another in ways that speak to their strengths, recognizing where they complement one another. What are you doing to discover and optimize the balance of individual communication styles and personal behavior traits across your organization?

Be proactive and intentional about this - It impacts your professional future!


✅ The Leaders Journey - Evolution of today's autocratic work culture.

The Leaders Journey is specifically designed to equip professional coaches and leaders with a proven path of evolution to a level of organizational health that rises above expectations to high performance and innovation. Anytime we go on a journey it’s important to know three things: 

  • Where you are currently - 
    What's Your Leaders Factor?
  • Where you are going -
    The tipping point, current state & future state
  • Why you are going -
    The 5 Levels of Leadership
  • How we are going to get there?
    4 Values of the Leaders Journey

✅ Keynote - What's Your Leaders Factor?

Your Leaders Factor identifies the first reason to start your Leaders Journey. The 4 Values of The Leaders Journey will provide you a path forward to a culture of innovation. Ready to start YOUR Leaders Journey?




Intentional action starts with you! Begin your Leaders Journey Today!


The Leaders Factor - What’s Your Leaders Factor?


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The Leaders Journey - The evolution from an autocratic management culture of authority to a leadership culture of innovation and influence. Invest 60 minutes in yourself... New Awareness creates desire and moves to intentional action! Live Q&A. Share your experience. I also want to learn from you!  


FREE WEBINAR - The Leaders Journey - Evolving from Authority to Innovation 

Whenever you go on a journey you should know four things...  
Where you are currently - Your Leaders Factor
- Why you are going - Tipping Point
- Where you are going - 5 Levels of Leadership
- How you are going to get there - 4 Values of the Leaders Journey

FREE WEBINAR - Team Development & Optimization through Communication Awareness

- Learn how to connect with a higher level of impact

- Learn your communication style and behavior traits
- Learn to recognize the behavioral traits of others



The Leaders Journey Learning Communities are about providing a connection to colleagues and mentors every day who have like-minded experience and proven results in common areas. We call these learning communities of shared experiences. Professional coaches and leaders just like yourself that have ideas, awareness, and proven expertise that will add value to you right now. Peers and colleagues ready and willing to be “Thinking Partners.”


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Partnership - The John Maxwell Team, PeopleKeys, and The Leaders Factor. These assessment reports are the direct result of a partnership between the John Maxwell Company, a premier training organization developing elite coaches, teachers, speakers, and professionals, and PeopleKeys, successful in behavioral analysis and Unlocking Human Potential for over 35 years. The mentors and leaders responsible for the development of this program are extremely successful in developing high performing teams.

Group Sponsorship - Need assessments  for your team or group? Use this button and complete the form to reach out to me directly. I will reply immediately and coordinate a meeting to discuss the best way to add value to your group. Let's talk about group discounts, debrief coaching sessions, assessment types, and facilitation options. I have several options, both at your location or remote, to talk about. Together, let's make it easy for you to add value to your teams and help them achieve a level of team health that rises above expectations to high performance . Congratulations on taking intentional action to connect and add value to your teams. Let's talk!

There are reasons organizations continue to repeat the same unwanted results over and over again. I have the case studies and experience to move you and your organization beyond this tipping point. Far too many leaders don’t reach their full potential because they allow their position to define their leadership style; there is much more to leadership than position. This pattern of repeated results became discouraging and unacceptable for me and the same may be true for you. As a result, I became very intentional in my efforts to provide a way for an organization to move forward beyond this tipping point. Based on many case studies and experience across different industries, this tipping point is not limited to agile transformations. There seems to be a commonality among organizations around the globe, exhibiting these same limiting results.


Thomas Bookhamer

Founder of the Leaders Factor, Leaders Journey, 4 Values of the Leaders Journey, the 3 Values of Influence, the Awareness Quick Start, and the learning communities of shared experiences.


P.S. Are you trying to reach your potential alone? Reach out to me anytime!

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