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You will then need to grow in your competency through the shared experiences of fellow agile leaders.

CERTIFICATION - Initial mastermind membership is for three months (90-days). You will receive a certificate acknowledging your accomplishment as a Certified Agile Leader.

COMPETENCY - You will then move into the competency phase of the program with the opportunity to extend access and stay in the mastermind for three, six, or twelve months and beyond. As you grow in your competency, it becomes your opportunity to mentor those with less time on their leaders' journey. 

We are all growing together in this learning community of shared experiences. 

THREE LEVELS OF MASTERMIND COMPETENCY. You may choose how you interact with your fellow mastermind members; Community, Group, or be part of an Elite Team with me (Thomas). 


You may interact with the global mastermind community of shared experiences and hundreds of fellow agile leaders on the same leader's journey worldwide. 


Select an internal group of your peers within your organization to share experiences, debrief, interact in discussions, and participate in the weekly live interactive video meetings.


Each year I open the Elite Mastermind Group to twelve carefully selected people who demonstrate a desire to be their best and are ready to put in the work on a one-on-one level.  


 Jump on my calendar!

Equipping executives, directors, and managers JUST LIKE YOU!

Achieve increased engagement and lower transformation costs. I’m doing it differently and the results are worth talking about. Even better, the results are from people JUST LIKE YOU… their results are REALLY worth talking about! I will share recent case studies and cost analyses with you. We need to talk!

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