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These core masterminds provide you with a revolutionary new interactive learning environment.

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Introducing a new revolutionary mastermind platform!

The most effective professional and personal growth opportunities in my life have come from sharing experiences with my peers and co-workers.

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My team has worked hard to create a new interactive learning platform.


This experience is NOT your typical zoom video lesson. Dedicate 20-minutes and see for yourself, you will be glad you did!



PARTICIPATION in a Leaders Journey Mastermind is a LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCE!


While this may sound pretentious at first, I simply want to make sure the work you are going to put into the mastermind will provide you with the results you are looking for!

  • I'm committing to this belief by inviting you to experience it for yourself at NO COST!

  • I am offering to dedicate my professional experiences and that of the existing members to changing your life.

For example, there are three levels of Mastermind...

  • Community - Fellow leaders from around the world share experiences.

  • Group - Private group of leaders from your organization.

  • Elite - Exclusive small group working more 1:1 with me (limited).

MASTERMINDS - Each core mastermind will provide you with interactive online video lessons, knowledge checks, feedback, debriefs, and weekly live video meetings with me (Thomas) and your fellow agile leaders to stretch your thinking and provide you with new levels of experience and awareness! (see for yourself in the complimentary demo)

CERTIFICATION - Initial membership is for three months (90-days). At the end of this certification period, you will receive a certificate acknowledging your accomplishment as a Certified Agile Leader.


COMPETENCY - You will then move into the competency phase of the program with the opportunity to extend access and stay in the mastermind for three, six, or twelve months and beyond. As you grow in your competency, it becomes your opportunity to mentor those with less time on their leaders' journey. We are all growing together in this learning community of shared experiences.

As you can see, there are a few important opportunities available for us to talk about, including which of the Core Masterminds will best serve your purpose and goals.


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Achieve increased engagement and lower transformation costs. I’m doing it differently and the results are worth talking about. Even better, the results are from people JUST LIKE YOU… their results are REALLY worth talking about! I will share recent case studies and cost analyses with you. We need to talk!