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Agile Leaders Journey!

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Here's What You Will Take Away
Interactive Live Masterclass

Start thinking of yourself as an Agile Leader. You lead in an agile organization... right?


Think of your transformation as a journey from traditional management practices in an autocratic culture of authority to a leadership culture of influence and innovation.


In this masterclass, you will learn to facilitate the culture shift conversation in your organization and receive supporting tools and resources.


You will be introduced to a proven path to shift your organizational culture and jump-start your agile leader's journey!


A proven path to shift organizational culture!


You will be introduced to the role of Agile Leader, the Leaders Journey Value Statement, and the Four Values of the Leaders Journey.


You will discover FIVE KEY LEADER SHIFTS and how they influence your career and your organization's future.

  • Agile Leaders Journey:

As leaders in an agile organization, it is essential to understand these cultural and leader shifts... and why? 

  • Agile Leader:

​Leading in an agile transformation requires different leadership skills. Traditional management practices are no longer effective... learn why?

  • 5 Key Leader Shifts:  

​You will learn five proven shifts to improve your results in an agile transformation significantly.

Elevating your thoughts!

Your host, 

Thomas Bookhamer

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