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Agile Leaders

Interactive Mastermind

Interactive Online Lessons + LIVE weekly calls with Thomas and fellow agile leaders!



No credit card information until you decide to stay. 

Start Participating Today!

Mastermind for Agile Leaders

The most effective professional and personal growth opportunities are sharing experiences with peers, mentors, coaches, co-workers, and family. That's what the Agile Leaders Mastermind is all about!

Enroll and see for yourself! Free Trial for 30 days!

  • Weekly live meetings (virtual)

  • Interactive participation

  • Interactive Agile Training (interactive lessons)

  • Shared Experiences

  • Action items

  • Guest speakers

  • No more zoom

  • Start a discussion thread

  • Start a question thread

  • Interactive smart videos

  • No sales posts! 

We are all looking forward to getting to know you. We are also excited to add value to you and learn from your experiences.

No matter where you are on your leader's journey, I promise there is someone further down the trail to learn from and someone with less time on their journey for you to mentor. 


I am committing to this belief by inviting you to experience this new interactive mastermind platform at NO COST for 30 days. After the Free Trial, remaining in the Mastermind is only $50/mth. 

NO RISK - No credit card information will be collected until you decide to stay in the Agile Leaders Mastermind.

No more social media groups...

Are you tired of trying to have meaningful discussions in social media groups? You are in the right place... introducing our new interactive mastermind platform.

Starting point...

Start by introducing yourself. Your fellow agile leaders are waiting to welcome you! Begin your journey today and... JUMP IN!

This is a safe place to learn and grow! Participation matters!


See for yourself. 

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Introducing a New Online  Mastermind Platform

The BIG DIFFERENCE is the interactive participation, accountability, action items, and shared experience!

  • An internal initiative to advance your career and culture by participating in masterminds designed to equip executives, directors, managers, and coaches with agile coaching, leadership, and communication skills.

  • Positioning your career and culture in an agile organization through an internal initiative of AWARENESS and EQUIPPING to COMPETENCY.

  • SAVE $$$ (millions) by positioning your internal leaders, directors, and managers as Certified Agile Leaders in a global learning community of shared experiences!



FREE 30-minute call with Thomas

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I want to listen to your story

Let's Talk!

Here's What I Know...

Leading in an agile transformation requires different skills and culture than traditional management practices!

After twenty-plus years of agile coaching, my experience has given me an awareness that has refocused my career, and I want the same for you!

Some questions I keep asking:

  • Why are organizations spending MILLION$ of dollars on external coaching to achieve internal transformation?

If we want to achieve a culture of innovation and trust, then why don't we equip our internal leaders with agile coaching and leadership skills?

  • In today's world of innovation and diversification, why do so many organizations still operate from autocratic traditional management practices of authority? 

Employee engagement and innovation are both limited in a directive culture.  

  • How do we shift an organizational culture from a traditional autocratic management structure to a culture of influence and innovation?

  • How do you start the agile cultural-shift conversation with your organizational leaders?

  • How will coaches or middle and top-tier leaders secure their value during the upcoming recession?

There are so many more questions for us to talk about. I'm sure you have some of your own!

Join this Meet &
Greet, and we will do just that! These are all important conversations, and I can't wait to hear and learn from your experiences.

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