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Develop the Agile Leader Within

Develop the Agile Leader Within is a masterclass designed to increase awareness and equip senior leaders, directors, and managers.


This training is for you if you have any role within an organization actively engaged in or considering an agile transformation.


In this masterclass, you will discover the FIVE KEY MISTAKES common to agile transformations and how they influence your career and your organization's culture.

You will also learn two effective facilitation exercises that you can start using right away to build trust, add value, and connect with your teams.

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Thomas Bookhamer


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Equipping executives, directors, and managers JUST LIKE YOU!

Achieve increased engagement and lower transformation costs. I’m doing it differently and the results are worth talking about. Even better, the results are from people JUST LIKE YOU… their results are REALLY worth talking about! I will share recent case studies and cost analyses with you. We need to talk!

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