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We are doing it differently and the results are worth talking about!

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I've been doing interviews with leaders just like you for years resulting in the development of a series of awareness resources.

Before you get on the call...


First, if you have not yet completed the Agile Culture Assessment, I would like you to take four minutes and do so before getting on our call. The assessment allows you to rate your organization for each of the five key differences and provides you with a report for review. [CLICK HERE]

Next, while you wait for our call, if you have not already, then download and read my free eBook titled; Agile Leadership, Five Key Differences! This is a short thirty-minute read and will elevate your awareness in preparation for our call. [CLICK HERE]


We all know that collaboration to debrief organizational culture in an agile transformation is a conversation that we must have. 

We also know that having this conversation with the right leaders is hard to get on the books!

So, here’s what I’m going to do for you!

You get on a call with me and in addition to answering all your questions, I will make you a complimentary offer to host the Leaders Agile Executive Debrief (LEAD), my new Awareness Event for your leadership team.


I'm offering to dedicate several hours of my time at no cost to you!

I GUARANTEE this two-hour event will leverage your influence in the organization to move both your career and the organization forward.

On our call, I'll also share recent case studies and cost analyses with you that will confirm... you will achieve increased engagement and lower transformation costs!

Without question… We need to talk. I’m Thomas - Keep Elevating Your Thoughts and I’ll see you on our call.

Elevating your thoughts!

Your host, 

Thomas Bookhamer


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Equipping executives, directors, and managers JUST LIKE YOU!

Achieve increased engagement and lower transformation costs. I’m doing it differently and the results are worth talking about. Even better, the results are from people JUST LIKE YOU… their results are REALLY worth talking about! I will share recent case studies and cost analyses with you. We need to talk!